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Born a proud Gemini in 1979, Inez Ponce de Leon began her love affairs with debate, writing, and public speaking at an early age. She wrote poems, designed dresses, made up short stories, and soon, shifted her work to writing novels. Today, Inez still does all these, and bellydances, too!

She is also a proud alumna of the University of the Philippines, Diliman, from which she obtained a bachelor of science (cum laude) and a masters degree, both in molecular biology and biotechnology. While she did love lab work, she knew that she wasn’t cut out for it. What she did find interesting, however, was communicating with a wide variety of audiences and sharing her love for science. Science communication then became her primary research interest (and current obsession).

Inez has two self-published novels: Sanctuary and The Romantic. She has also been an active participant in National Novel Writing Month, where she cranks out a novel every November and has been winning every year so far. She lovingly refers to NaNoWriMo as “a chance to excrete some wonderfully worded verbal diarrhea.”

When she is not working on her novels or research papers, Inez hangs out with friends, bellydances, reads a wide variety of books, and watches a lot of movies and TV shows.

She also eats whatever she can get her hands on, but you didn’t read that here.

Today, Inez holds a PhD in science communication from Purdue University. She is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication at the Ateneo de Manila University, where she also teaches belly dance.