August 1, 2005

The General August 2005 Archive

The Month That Was August 2005

Despite all her efforts to get some diary writing done,
Inez was not able to update her diary this August.

This was due to the following factors:

1. She was busy with science writing work

2. She was busy editing the 9th edition of Sanctuary. Her work isn’t done yet, and she’s ready to abandon the project, if not for the very cute Brothers Bastiaan and Panos.

3. She was too tired to do anything on the weekends, so she ended up researching when she could, updating her thesis when she could, and sleeping IF she could.

4. She wasn’t quite sure what to write — there was the agony of the last days of the thesis, the agony of being rejected by someone she was just getting to love (uuuy, intriga), the kilig factors (and agony) of finding someone new to vest her admiration upon, the simple happiness of getting new strappy sandals, the pain of having to go through Sanctuary word for word AGAIN, falling in love with Lifehouse’s Blind…

Wait…there was a lot to write about. Darn…

Which brings us to…

5. She had her thesis defense last September 9th and a talk for the National Academy of Sciences the week before.

She is now a

(applause! applause!)

And now, back to the writing…


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