The General July 2005 Archive

The General July 2005 Archive

July 20, 2005 Diary 0

July 28, 2005

Well, looks like things are falling into very strange places at this time of the year! This Saturday, two of my four wisdom teeth — all of which have served no purpose whatsoever, save to plague me with pain — two of my four wisdom teeth shall be extracted.

Mr. Upper Left has no problem getting out. All the dentist has to do is cut through the gum and grab him. Mr. Lower Left, on the other hand, presents a bit of trouble. He’s stuck under the jawbone, so the dentist has to slice through gum, saw off a bit of bone, and take him out in pieces. Or pry him out in splinters. Or extract him in bits.

Whatever the case, I’m excited to face the pain. Yes, I am. No, don’t laugh.

Tomorrow presents the biggest opportunity for a wonderful swansong. I’ll be talking to 200 High School students from Calamba’s Canossa Academy, to discuss the basics of genetics and biotechnology. So it’s less than 24 hours to the operation, and I’m jumping around, speaking and answering questions — and begging for Papa Ramon’s good graces in the meantime.

Again, Papa, we must work our magic together. I’m afraid, of course, as usual — when did stage fright ever leave me anyway? And whoever said stage fright is a bad thing? As long as you rise out of it and turn it into good energy, excitement, and happy thoughts, by all means, be frightened! RIGHT?

Where was I?

Oh, yes, Papa, time to work our Zamora magic again. Time to show enthusiasm for the field. Time to be energetic. Time to be happy. Oh yes, while thinking of how bad it’s going to hurt when my jawbone gets drilled through and my head starts shaking like crazy. Strange of how I thought about that just now.

In any case, it’s time to show some brilliance, so Papa Ramon, let’s sing the swansong and sing it loud and clear tomorrow! A few weeks will have to go by without me doing any talking gigs, so this will have to work — and terribly well too!


And now, for some poetry:

To Voldemort
Who, after all, is also He Who Must Not Be Named

And yes, you laugh
And smile
And frolic
And do what thou wilt

As though no great things had passed between us
In the realm of Quarrel and Spite

As though I existed not

And were but a wall to stand witness to torment and tears
Concerning all but I

Or were but a wisp of air
Meant to be breathed, then expelled
And never thought of again

Or were but a dream forgotten
Beauty in the fulfilment
Excitement in the memory
But all too soon

July 21, 2005

Here’s my colleague, Shereyll, with her take on Sanctuary. I couldn’t stop smiling after I first received it in the mail. It was addressed to the Pinoy Writers Group, so I suppose lots of people got to read it…which makes me glad…and happy…and blushing with so much happiness that I HAVE TO GET MY OWN LEONIDAS! I wonder if HE will do…Hmmmmm….

Shereyll’s Review

I know that Inez has been promoting her first published book, “Sanctuary,” on this group. Buuut, my hand is itching [to create] another thread just about this book now that I have a copy of it, the print version, of course!

The book has been with me, I think, two or three weeks now. I finished reading it after three days. I still, however, up to this time, can’t help looking at it, its cover, the texture of the paper, and re-reading parts that touched my heart. And while I held it, I felt proud; proud that a fellow Pinoywriter, a Filipino, and a friend, produced such a wonderful book.

I was, at first, hesitant to buy the print version. I thought [I’d] go for the online version first, well, it’s cheaper. I also had some reservations [about] books published through print on demand (POD). Many POD’s out there have low class printing output: thin, coarse paper, smudgy ink, pale and blurry for colored covers. Inez’s Sanctuary, however, is different. [Its] size can be likened to those books you see [in] National Bookstore with a P1,500 price tag on [them]: it’s big, bigger than the usual pocket and half a bondpaper sized books we see around; [its] paper, thick and smooth, with the ink clearly and evenly stamped on it; and the cover, which I think is a grade A bookpaper, thicker than the usual paperback cover, laminated and colored. No blurry images, pale colors; everything is crisp and sharp. For a person like me who values beauty, alongside with truth of course (pa-aesthete effect lang po ;)), ahhh, the well-packaged Sanctuary is worth the dime.

As for the contents, I never imagined that Inez could get that serious, as in Serious with a capital S, although I found some “very or so Inez” [in] some of the hilarious dialogues there. Well, only she could crack those kind of jokes. Guys, if you want to see the caffeine-sober side of Inez, better buy Sanctuary. Nakupo, magugulat kayo. (Oh my, you’ll be surprised!)

What interests me the most, being an aspiring novelist myself, is the way Inez [weaves] her words. It was as though she was spinning the words with such care and passion, feeling every thread of letters in that slow, swaying motion, speeding up, and up, gradually, to clearly convey the heightened emotions. In every page of Sanctuary, Inez not only shows what she feels, she allowed her readers to partake on those happy, sad, grievous, but nonetheless wonderful human emotions.

Naku, Inez, congratulations talaga. You really did well on this book. Next time, aabangan ko naman ang Phantasmagoria mo. I love fantasy and sci-fi, I can’t wait [for] this fantasy novel of yours 🙂

In closing, I hate to be emotional but I need to say these words: Inez! Magpalit ka na ng trabaho! Mag writer ka na lang! May pa molecular-molecular biology ka pang nalalaman d’yan! Sabihin mo sa mga farmers, wag na nila kayong pahirapan sa pag clone ng bigas. Magtanim na lang sila. E kung makagawa kayo ng bigas na kasing laki ng baka, paano kaya isasaing yon? Panibagong problema na naman yon! Kailangang makagawa naman ang mga Engineers ng tractor na pangdurog ng mala-bakang bigas. Tapos may magrereklamo na namang mga anti-cloning group, o kaya yung mga vegetarians, they would say, bakit nyo ginawang baka ang bigas? Bawal ang baka sa amin! (Inez: I won’t translate this one…I’m still laughing over it and I think a lot of the humor will be lost in translation. Suffice it to say that Shereyll wants me to drop the MBB and pick up my pen)

Yun lang.

Bili na kayo ng Sanctuary 😀

July 21, 2005

Hate me within
But spurn me not

For as with every livid stare you cast
Where gentleness once was
And where it still surreptitiously creeps

With every word you allow to rise to the surface with knives that bear the strength of your contempt
Where humor once held fort
As I laughed without care

With every look and word

Do I await you

Until you should come again

July 21, 2005

I’ve been way out of touch lately, so I’m very sorry indeed. To Nanette — I haven’t opened my poor diary yet, and my keys are still missing, but I’ll do my best to get the party started! To Ruth — thank you for writing in. I hope James is doing better!

To everyone, I am so very deeply sorry for not being able to write. We just finished a whole lot of workshop and seminar work, and a new one is looming, rearing, and laughing its ugly head off because I’m sinking in the Mire of Too Much Work Without A Social Life During Weekdays.

No matter. I’m back on the boards/pages/diary trail. And I just finished reading Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince too! HA! Coolness!

Call me Tonks. Or Mrs. Lupin. Or, better yet, Lysandra Leonessa! Wuddever!

There will be poems on this page too, before long. This is what lovesickness does. No laughing now.

Oh, yes, and I’m Athena, according to them

Is that all? I’m the patroness of Athens! YEAH! Now what sayest thou, Brother Bastiaan?

Brother Bastiaan: Brugdigbrugbrugbrug.