The General October 2005 Archive

The General October 2005 Archive

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October 21, 2005

Due to events of highly suspect, strange, and scary nature, what was once the cutesy Weaving Strawberries that became the frightening Phantasmagoria is now The Romantic — a Medieval road trip through Tuscany, Umbria, and Venetia that involves a young Romantic named Rachel, who finds love and herself as she escapes the furor of the wars between the Guelfi and the Ghibellines.


Goodbye nightmares!

Now if I could only get my Sanctuary-Edit energy back. Hmmm.
October 14, 2005

October 11, 2005

Well, waddyu know…HERE WE GO AGAIN!


Weaving Strawberries is too easy and…ick…cute. I’m going for Phantasmagoria! The horror! The witchcraft! The creeps! The…weeks I have to go for confession so that I can protect myself against any evil spirits who might take advantage of Inez The Wannabe Occult Expert!

Phantasmagoria, here we come!

Or is it Weaving Strawberries?

Am I going to have this same problem EVERY YEAR?

October 7, 2005

I don’t care if I’m not deep. To hell with depth this November. We’re having fun!

Weaving Strawberries will be set in Los Banos.

The professor/counselor will be named Thomas Andrews (which I might not be able to use, since he’s the guy who made the Titanic) or Andrew Callahan (which I might use, although Thomas sounds so much better) or Thomas Callahan (which sounds ok). But not Andrew Andrews. Heh.

We shall have scenes in IRRI, Makati, Grove, UPLB, and Bay. Man this is going to be fun.

We shall have me as the girl. And I shall be named…BLANK.

And we’re blogging Weaving Strawberries! Wheeeeeeee!

Does this make any sense? No.

Is it deep? No.

Is it going to be politically, historically, and socially significant? No.

Do I even care? No.


Is it going to be fun? Heck, yeah.

It’s time to scout for locations. Damnnnn, this is going to be one heck of a movie.

I just hope Victor Garber doesn’t get a heart attack if he, by any chance, reads this.

October 6, 2005

I’m planning the soundtrack this early. And the casting too. Hah! Feeling like a NaNoWriMo veteran now, are we?

Actor, Main: Victor Garber. Either him or Colm Feore. Megaduuuhhhhh.
Actress, Main: Me. Hello. Choice since beginning. Duh to kingdom come
Bad Girl Actress: Alicia Witt as Alexandria Weill. Heh. First choices rule!
Bad Girl Actress’ Tag Along: Seth Green?

This isn’t going to turn out to be one big, bad American Pie, now, is it? Heh.

As for the soundtrack…ahhhh…well:

Blind, by Lifehouse
Vindicated, by Dashboard Confessional
Staring At the Sun, by Rooster
I Don’t Want To Wait, by Paula Cole
Home To Stay, Josh Groban

This is fun….snicker snicker…must edit SANCTUARY now.

October 6, 2005

All right…

That’s it.


Phantasmagoria, I’m afraid, is proving to be too much research for me. I know, I know, I had a lot of time between last November and now, but National Novel Writing Month comes at the end of Inez’s Infernally Stressful Year. There was no time at all.

Anyway, I still have “Weaving Strawberries,” which I have long wanted to write. It’s about a graduate student, always hitherto loveless, who falls in love with her graduate counselor. This graduate counselor is not exactly young — but he’s not exactly wise either. The graduate student is not exactly old — but she’s not exactly a child.

So now we have two interplaying blah blahs in a blah blah blah…

Oh, whatever, fine. My first chick lit book. I think.

And now, where to set it?

(Must think of next year’s travels)

Today’s Salad
October 6, 2005

Today is a sleepy day that needs a whole lot of salad for fun. No sleep for two nights for some strange reason: on the first, I tossed and turned; on the second, I fought off the “challenge Satan” temptation. Why the heck did I even GET the temptation anyway?


Anyway, back to today’s salad.

Ma’am Mida has tagged me to name the top 7 current songs in my player. I don’t have a player, but I do have a radio, and here are the Top 7 songs Which I MUST Hear At Least Once A Day:

#1 – Blind by Lifehouse (which I’m listening to right now!)

‘Cause I loved you more than you’ll ever know/And part of me died when I let you go. My ultimate heartbreak song. This song is SINGING to me.

#2 – You’re Beautiful by James Blunt (which came a few songs after Blind. Mabuhay ang K-Lite!)

The guitar riff drives me nuts. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I always imagine the video of this to be Orlando Bloom riding the MRT, then seeing me enter with Ioan Gruffudd. Ha! Talk about — obssession. Too bad James Blunt just decided to strip little by little and jump into the ocean at the end of his video. What? Coming to the Philippines and bringing Orlando and Ioan and hiring me — too expensive? COME ON!

#3 – Ever After by Bonnie Bailey (Something K-lite would never play. Heh)

I risk being pelted with tomatoes with this one, but waddaheck. It’s a song so lovely to swing to. I can imagine the dance floor. And Orlando Bloom again. Wait — can he even dance?

#4 – Waiting (Save Your Life) by Omni Soul

From the original soundtrack of The Fantastic 4, ho-hum movie with Ioan Gruffudd (making it a lot less ho-hum than if someone else had been cast).

#5 – Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional

Headbanging! Ha! I love this song. Title says it all. They might as well have said, “I TOLD YOU SO!” HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

#6 – Adiemus by Adiemus

Eclectic tastes call for strange songs, and this is one of them. Nonsensical lyrics, according to the composer, but the beat and instrumental call to mind a rather bewildering mix of Africa, Rome, Senator Illustria, and armies marching into battle.

#7 – Staring At the Sun by Rooster

Semi-headbanging. A song that finally grew on me.

Today’s salad is update-able. Shall be gone for a bit, just to update news and features. Agriculture in Jerusalem during the Crusades? Agricultural History of the Hebrews? The Incas? What to do? What to do?