The General September 2005 Archive

The General September 2005 Archive

September 1, 2005 Diary 0

September 16, 2005

You are the mere breath of the past that floats
To the surface
When all love has drowned
You are the sadness of the hills in rain
And yet their happiness in the gray

You are of the old, in the new,
And yet know far less
Of me than I do you
And yet ask not.

Am I nothing to thee, shepherd
That I must be mere servant to thy pages?

Am I but another fleeting exercise in knowledge
That I must be scorned as woman
And loved as child?

Am I but one page amongst they who have spoken their hearts?

What must I be or do or say or make, dear shepherd
That you shall see me at last
As the Muse that shall stand by your side
And dance to the tunes of your harp?

September 15, 2005

You seem to know yet love me not for I am nothing but

a page

Amongst all the many who grace thy book
And smile at you to show their letters and all they know and all their beseechments
That you hear their cries.

You who stand sentinel over castles of emerald
Know me not
For I live amongst the white
And belong not in thy sphere

And yet I do try
To speak thy words and sense and
See what your universe holds for me

And I do try
To shine my very words out amongst the forests of gems that love thy skin and grace thy halls that have lived, cobwebbed and vined and veined by time

And I do try
To wear the raiment of thy maidens
And speak their words with far more sense and life than pieces of art strewn prettily amongst tombstones

And I do try
And try

And gain nothing but fear
And words that build my castles
But break my heart.

September 15, 2005

…Inez will be in NAKS mode. As in NAKS, ANOTHER TALK?!?!?


Hehe. Here goes.

September 22. Zamboanga. On the Advantages of Biotech Crops. (Good heavens. Is this the eve of “Daughter of the Scarlet Moon?” Hahahahahaha!)


October 25-29. Pansol. Newborn Screening. (Of ALL the topics!)


November 5-9. Vigan. Bioinformatics.

Papa Ramon? Tito Angelo? Angels and Saints in Heaven? EVERYBODY? HELP!

September 12, 2005

Who am I kidding? Is there anything I have to defend? IT WAS A GREAT DEFENSE, and I am now a…


Master of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology


I don’t know. Can I talk about my defense? I’m still high on it. All I can say now is THANK YOU GOD!

Thank you for two years of work that will not go down the drain. Thank you for guarding me through all those lab nights and work nights where I had to walk in the semi-darkness and brave the empty roads from Albert Hall to Philcoa. Thank you for making sure that even if the experiments failed on one day, they would still fail on the next, and on the day after that, and on every day after that…until I was finally enlightened and simply dropped the project in favor of something more favorable that actually made sense.

Thank you for letting me get results that did make sense, after all.

Thank you for allowing me to get a job.

Thank you for making sure that no matter what I would do, no matter where I’d walk, run, or recklessly stride through — no matter what road I’d take, thank you for watching over me and protecting me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Would a boyfriend be too much to ask? *bats eyelashes*

Fine, fine. Maybe next time.

September 2, 2005

Dear Papa Ramon,

This is the part where you go, “YOU AGAIN?!?!?!”

At least I hope you’ll mean that in an affectionate way, as though you’ve missed me so much and want to see me again. Or you’ll mean it in a I’ve-been-waiting-for-you-to-talk-to-me-and-it’s-been-ages-I’d-nearly-given-up-on-you way.

Anyway, Papa, before I go berserk with my thoughts, I would like to thank you for making me do the Zamora thing. You know, show off brains and go up in flaming glory and flare up like an Intelligent Fire burning. NAST was an absolute blast!

And to think I was billetted with Queena Lee-Lim and Father Nebres, and Angelo Palmones and Howie Severino, and Charie Villa, and…well, GOOD HEAVENS PAPA RAMON! Don’t you think this means something? As in, Inez must go into law?

Remember what mommy always said? No one in the law can get into Heaven. She’s denying it now, but, oh well, Papa — if you’re not in Heaven/Purgatory granting my wishes, surely you can’t be in Hell and doing the same thing, right? That would be, er, scary.

Never mind where you are. I think you’ve been saved and taken home to God. I’m still in the process of thanking him for the opportunity to talk for NAST, which is something I never expected — and something for which I feel truly blessed. Imagine, Dr. Gelia Castillo, yes, NATIONAL SCIENTIST Gelia Castillo, was the one who invited me!

I just wish she’d invite me again, haha. You know, to show how crazy and smart we Zamoras are. Or we Ponce de Leons are. Or we cross-bred Ponce de Leons and Zamoras are. Never mind.

It was fun. It was just a whole lot of fun. And I think you were there, watching me. Sad that mommy wasn’t able to, huh?

Well, there might be more talks in the future, so *wink, wink* we’ll see what happens then.

In the meantime, I remain your insane granddaughter,