All Things Darkly Illuminated

On this page will rise “All Things Darkly Illuminated”, a novel on possession and exorcism set in the Philippines.

Cases of demonic possession are on the rise all over the world, and the Vatican is finding ways to combat the problem. The Holy See establishes a school for exorcists, but as the cases rise, so does the need for further research grow.

When a new pope is elected, he sends out a team of researchers to the Philippines, a bastion of Catholic faith in Asia – and one of the world’s hotbeds for possession. The team is designed to analyze previous cases and evaluate existing ones, as well as to provide the Vatican with information on patterns that they might find in victims – all in a bid to recognize signs of possession at an early stage.

But as the team travels across the Philippines, so do the shadows follow them, and so do they find themselves deep in a battle between good and evil – where neither side can be seen with human eyes, or in waking hours.

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