Book 7 – The Painter of the In-Between

Syl is gifted with a peculiar charism: she can photograph elementals, the creatures of the earth that perhaps represent the Neutral Angels of the war of Heaven, the beings that create their own battles in the daily wiles of humans. She is precocious, curious, and, in her eyes, ill-fitting in the farming town in which she lives. Syl, however, has a mind slowly opening to the world before her: to injustice in all its forms, to a country slowly descending into hatred and unkindness, to a play of light and darkness in universes seen and unseen. When a rumor nearly threatens to undo all her work, however, she finds herself escaping to the city that she has always dreamed of living in, and the university she has always dreamed of attending – a place where she will be drawn into a project that will help her enter doors that her gift could never have dreamed of opening.

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