Author: Inez Ponce De Leon

Travel Special for 2006

TRAVELS, 2006 May-June 2006 June 3, NAIA Thinking about this trip makes me go, “Yes! Another vacation/journey to the great unknown/chance to drink unbelievable amounts of free Bailey’s!” Looking at the list on the left [with the names of people I have to give gifts to] makes me wonder if I brought enough shopping money.…
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June 9, 2006 0

The General May 2006 Archive

LAST SHOT FOR MAY 2006 May 31, 2006 Well, looks like we have one last day before June kicks in, so let’s get on with a few things. First, against my will (and only because I wanted to see trailers) I watched The Da Vinci Code. Crappy book, crappy movie. Can someone please send Dan…
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May 9, 2006 0

The General April 2006 Archive

TAG, TAG April 26, 2006 It’s great how people come up with these strange tag, tag things. All I have to do is tick the box if something applies to me. In this case, the instructions are to tick the box of something you fear. No one said I couldn’t put side comments, right? I’m…
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April 9, 2006 0

The Wisdom Tooth Special Part 1

CHRONICLES OF MY LEFT TOOTH (TEETH, REALLY, BUT I JUST WANTED TO RHYME WITH THAT DANIEL DAY-LEWIS MOVIE, “MY LEFT FOOT”) Allow me to tell a tale that took too long to tell, simply because its author was too plagued by headaches, migraines, and toothaches to tell it. Allow me to tell a tale that…
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March 1, 2006 0

The General February 2006 Archive

THE BOOKS ARE HERE…AND OTHER THOUGHTS… February 20, 2006 It’s been nearly two weeks since I started taking all these strange medicines. They’re not really strange, to tell the truth: Augmentin with co-amoxiclav, which is an antibiotic meant to target Gram Negative bacterial species; Clindamycin, which is another antibiotic that runs after Gram Positives; Sinupret,…
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February 1, 2006 0

The General January 2006 Archive

THOUGHTS FOR JANUARY January 2006 Here’s something I keep on forgetting, shame on me! My cousin/quasi-uncle Goby Labrador has published a new book on the history of satellites, which you can buy from him (or through me, so if you’re interested, drop me an email). At long last, I’m done with editing the books! ho…
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January 1, 2006 0

Travel Special for Christmas 2005

CHRISTMAS 2005 December 2005 I was in Beijing during the first week of December, Iloilo for the third, and Boracay. Welcome to December 2005. If you’re wondering why I got lost for the longest time, and why I was suddenly out of touch, pardon me. November 2005, National Novel Writing Month, was very stressful indeed.…
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December 1, 2005 0

The General November 2005 Archive

National Novel Writing Month November 2005 During this month, Inez wrote nothing in her diary, but had everything stored in her head. Her perpetual prayer, every day, was directed to the Souls in Purgatory, to her late grandfather Papa Ramon, her late uncle Tito Angelo, her Guardian Angel Sherwood, her special Archangel Sealtiel, all the…
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November 1, 2005 0

The General October 2005 Archive

THE ROMANTIC I October 21, 2005 Due to events of highly suspect, strange, and scary nature, what was once the cutesy Weaving Strawberries that became the frightening Phantasmagoria is now The Romantic — a Medieval road trip through Tuscany, Umbria, and Venetia that involves a young Romantic named Rachel, who finds love and herself as…
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October 1, 2005 0

The General September 2005 Archive

SENTINEL, SHEPHERD 2 September 16, 2005 You are the mere breath of the past that floats To the surface When all love has drowned You are the sadness of the hills in rain And yet their happiness in the gray You are of the old, in the new, And yet know far less Of me…
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September 1, 2005 0