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One Day, I’ll Make This Happen

The Glorietta tragedy was on my mind the whole day today, and simply because the mall was my favorite spot for hanging out and writing. The exact place, Glorietta 2, was a part of the mall that I frequented because it had a cozy Starbucks branch for me to write in, a host of shops…
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October 12, 2007 0


The headaches have come again. This time, I am alone, and I cannot easily go to a doctor because I am not sure if my insurance will cover treatment, if any. Today, I went to the graduate office and hid the pain by smiling. I hid the pain by doing some work. I hid the…
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October 9, 2007 0


Now that I’m going insane over Marx, and now that I want to bash my head against the wall to get rid of some information overload, I think I can do a bit of coping. Coping, right now, means making a few confessions. Ha ha ha ha! Screw you, Marx, and all your negations of…
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September 12, 2007 0


Thanks to Abigail, my fellow grad student, I was able to visit the Farmer’s Market in Lafayette, where I got a whole lot of veggies and fruit. Good for me! And I got to shop too! See, this, for me, is the ultimate thrill. It takes a particular mood for me to like clothes and…
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September 9, 2007 0

Who Knew Sociology Could be So Nice?

Just finished reading a chapter on John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor for sociology, and boy am I impressed! A brief background: both sociologists lived in the 19th century, and worked together on books that underwrote the importance of the emancipation of women, freedom for all, and abolition of any form of discrimination. Mill and…
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August 9, 2007 0

In Search of the Chewy Cookies

According to my last medical tests, my uric acid levels are especially high. This can be because I plunged right into a high-protein diet and lost fifteen pounds too quickly. This can also be because I’ve always had a tendency to break down uric acid fairly slowly. Or it can simply be God’s way of…
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July 17, 2007 0

I Am My Own Woman

*today’s foray into self-empowerment is brought to you by McCafe and loads of pent-up energy that should have been released days ago. Now, on with the show…* This is probably the most overused phrase in this new century – and it isn’t even feminist. If we stick with the strict, old, French definition of feminism,…
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July 9, 2007 0

My Dad Is Way Cool

Meet my dad, Angel Ponce de Leon. He works with the ground services of the International airport, which is why we get free (or nearly free) trips abroad. And he’s in charge of handling the sound equipment for the Christina Aguilera concert that’s happening this week. He refers to her by her first name. The…
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June 30, 2007 0

From The Last Few Days

I would like to call this set of thoughts, collectively, as The Beginning of the End. Now, lest some parties wonder – or perhaps rejoice – at the words, let me tell you what I mean. I have about a month left before I leave the country for studies abroad. Maybe it will take me…
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June 12, 2007 0

When You Want To Tag Everybody

…But can’t find a nice tag, then you might as well just write something and get all your pent-up energy out. Like, right now. *Yawn* I’ve been feeling weak these past few days, so I decided to just take it easy for the moment and stay home. The last time I over-exerted myself, I got…
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June 9, 2007 0