Category: Short Stories

This page contains Inez’s short stories from the last ten years. Click on the titles to read the short stories.


Watcher, Waiting

Watcher, Waiting 2010 Sometimes, she looks outside the window. She sits in her chair, lets her sewing, or her reading,...


The Wait

THE WAIT 2006 She was twenty-three back then. Maybe young. Maybe stupid. Maybe old for her years, maybe young for...


Scenes in Search of a Novel

Scenes in Search of a Novel 2008 *funny how these strange things pop into my head while studying…now if I...


Quiet Tale

Quiet Tale 2009 Sometimes, when he opens that shoebox in his head, he remembers her. It’s just like a real...



PS 2006 He had a head like a coffee pot. Think of one of those thin-glass-walled coffee pots that fit...


Down The Hall

DOWN THE HALL 2006 (R-18, so keep out, kids) He was new to the office, and she worked down the...