Exercising my Nano Muscles

Exercising my Nano Muscles

August 9, 2008 Diary 0

Nano is coming! Holy crap, I don’t have a novel yet! Well, actually, I do. I have way too many ideas that don’t have beginnings or endings – just scenes. How now, brown cow?

Perhaps I should simply write those scenes out. Hmm….must exercises Nano muscles…


Let’s see. I’ve always wanted to do a major tear jerker, like “Almost”, which never saw the light of day. A major tear jerker would have our male lead going through the torture of having to live his entire life without dream girl by his side – said dream girl being killed in car crash or some sort of violent, sad death.

Male lead shall lead humdrum life, wherein he buries worries beneath all other things, such as a stable job, a family, a wife, and a so-so existence…until…

Until what?

Until he discovers that dead girl left him something, a map to take him throughout the world so that he and she could journey together and have fun together when they grew older.

OR: Until he discovers that she faked her own death and is living in hiding somewhere. And he tries to resurrect their love affair! And he doesn’t succeed! Or he does, but she really dies!

OR: Until he discovers that he never really loved her at all – but he’s scared that he never did, and he’s trying to find ways to “rekindle” his love!

OR: Until he discovers that she was actually a man.

Oh boy. This is so not going to be a historical novel November if this happens.


OFF TOPIC: I have so messed up my week big time! Sent emails to the wrong people, got in trouble with emailing, and got emailed by people who didn’t think I did the right thing. Ah, email. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!


And now, back to our regular Nano programming…

Let’s try for historical fiction. Time period…let’s see…Medieval England. Hmm…no. That’s so The Guild.

I don’t like Victorian, I don’t like pre-colonial, I don’t like early colonial, and I don’t like the early 20th century. I want an IDEA!!!! WAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Maybe I should just continue last year’s unfinished – but winning – novels? Oh…sigh, brain is so tired and sleepy.