September 9, 2007 Diary 0

Thanks to Abigail, my fellow grad student, I was able to visit the Farmer’s Market in Lafayette, where I got a whole lot of veggies and fruit. Good for me! And I got to shop too!

See, this, for me, is the ultimate thrill. It takes a particular mood for me to like clothes and go clothes, bags, or shoes shopping, but vegetable and fruit shopping is always fun. This time, I got to see all manner of food, fruit, and dress; I even saw a few Amish! Lovely! Too bad I didn’t bring any camera along with me.

I also got to buy a lot of things, which I shall simply showcase below with pictures taken from other websites. Serves me right for forgetting to get a camera.

The most expensive thing I got was honey, which is something I’ll need for my yogurt. I so miss eating honey and yogurt; throw in a few almonds, and I’m back in Greece again. Anyway, I got honey in a bear container, and I’m keeping it for good things, most of them involving experiments with cereals, flour, eggs, and other things that can be microwaved.

I also bought some Amish noodles, which Abigail recommends that I boil with chicken and peas, or with some vegetables. Well, I can’t wait! Now I can do a few more experiments with my microwave and rice cooker, and just have few more minutes of fun with my chicken in the fridge. Hmmm….imagination now in full gear…

Farmers’ market is really home to veggies and fruits, so I had a lot of fun just going through the lines of produce and seeing all the nice colors. I bought red potatoes, blueberries, purple plums, and purple carrots. The berries and plums, I’ve already been munching on. I’m planning to make casseroles and au gratin out of my potatoes, and I’m planning to steam the carrots or cook them with meat in a little stew, along with my beef.

There’s also something funny about the stuff I bought, and Abigail and I were laughing about it on the way home. Apart from the amber-colored honey and the yellow noodles, everything I bought is a shade of purple or red.

So much for color variety! Hahaha! Even my body wash is a pretty shade of lavender! What’s with purple and me?