April 12, 2009

Maundy Thursday

Thank you, God, for Dr. Tucker.

I’m going to shout it out to the whole world, now. My adviser, Dr. Mark Tucker of Purdue, is the world’s best adviser! He’s been extra patient with me, especially these last few days.

I’ve been running over nearly every hour to follow up my research and papers for collecting dissertation data back home, and he’s always accommodating. He may be panicking inwardly over a thousand other things, and he’s got other duties to fulfill, but he won’t let them get in the way of making sure that his grad student gets his fullest attention.

He’s also done a great job of calming me down. It may be the coffee or the fact that I have less than a month of school left, but I’ve been running around and jumping around like an Easter Bunny addicted to uppers. Dr. Tucker is always there to hold up both hands and say, “Don’t worry, Inez. I’m glad you’re on top of things. We’ll get this settled soon.”

So, yes, thank you, God, for Dr. Tucker.


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