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Don’t Call me Stupid

As I sit here in my room and write my project proposals, I cannot help overhearing my mother. She is watching a news channel outside and is not exactly quiet about it. She jeers, in a high pitched whine, about how the former president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, is taking advantage of her sickness to get out…
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November 12, 2011 0

The Case of the Teacher Who Knows Everything

I remember being a third-year college student who had just finished her Graph a Saddle calculus classes. Math came easy to me. I loved it, whether I was calculating car speeds or sinking my teeth into partial derivatives; everything was fun and challenging. Mind you, when I say “easy”, I don’t mean that I got…
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October 12, 2011 0

On Criticism

I used to hate receiving criticism. I still hate it. It takes a lot of courage, energy, and patience on my part not to go beyond squirming and trembling while someone speaks their Piece Versus Me. I struggle to let the criticism wash over me, to sort the outright insults from the constructive remarks, to…
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September 12, 2011 0

Dear Mr. Soriano

This was written in response to Soriano’s infamous, now-Google-cached-because-Manila-Bulletin-removed-it opinion piece on his perceived expertise of English. I grew up on a diet of English, Mr. Soriano, just like you did. Speaking, reading, writing, and thinking in English were as commonplace in our household as eating dinner. Tagalog was banned. Even my mother’s native Hiligaynon…
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August 12, 2011 0

Footballers. Dancers. Details

I’ve always wondered why I love football, even when everyone around me fell helpless to the charms of American football, basketball, tennis, even baseball. I finally figured it out: I love football because I love belly dancing. Oh, I can hear your thoughts threatening to storm across the Pacific. What does this have to do…
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July 12, 2011 0

Because it’s Just a Game

The first time someone asked me to write a column for PinoyFootball, all I could think of was, “What? Who? Me?” I’m a big football fan, but I don’t feel as though I have a strong opinion about anything in football, except where the Azkals are concerned. What I do have, however, is an opinion…
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June 12, 2011 0

In About 14 Hours…

I will be defending my dissertation. Pfendler Hall, Dean’s Auditorium, 245 PM, 4/4/11. I have 20-25 minutes to talk about a project two years in execution, 31 years in the making. I will have to muster all my strength and courage, and still have enough brains and mettle to last the following hour as the…
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April 12, 2011 0

I Just Got My Ass Kicked by a 70-Year Old Woman

Morocco is the godmother of bellydance. She has danced all over the world, taught all over the world, and made friends all over the world. She choreographs and teaches choreography at workshops, and she can teach without losing her breath. She has an amazing memory. She can remember steps, execute them over and over, and…
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March 12, 2011 0


I like reading news from back home, not only because I get to catch up on everybody else, but because very few publications – if any – cover Filipino affairs. When I first started belly dancing, I could not help searching for news on bellydance groups and troupes, if only to see what everyone was…
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February 12, 2011 0