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Upcoming Works

May 20, 2019 Novels Upcoming 0

The Secret Dancer

Lysandra has lost both her parents and is betrothed to a cruel landowner. She is a mathematician, but does not show off her skills for fear of being hurt by her soon-to-be husband. Lysandra, after all, is a young woman in 12th century Florence, and is soon to be kept away from a world that she wants so badly to explore.
She is rescued by friends, however, who are about to embark on a journey to Cathay, through miles and miles of desert, stars, and sun. She joins them as one of the emissaries to the Great Khan, but her journey becomes more than an exercise in math and diplomacy. She begins to find herself, to truly fall in love – and to dance a dance that is as old as humanity itself. As Lysandra travels through the deserts of Arabia, the heights of the Pamirs, and the kingdom of the Great Khan, she also learns of the strength of womanhood – and so begins a story that will last through 32 generations of women, all of them dancing in secret.

The Taming of the Light

The lady Agnes is a stalwart, amateur scholar of her Christian faith. That faith will soon be tested by the Lord Cyriacus, a nobleman who does not practice what he preaches; it will be strengthened by Llewellyn, a pagan man whom the woman befriends; and it will be fortified by a series of fateful events that will find Agnes in the midst of turmoil and triumph, hate and love, as she braves the storm that seems to spell the end of the rule of the powerful Roman empire on one of its last outposts.
Set in a young Britain fresh out of wars and conflict, The Taming of the Light tells the story of two individuals caught in two different faiths: Agnes, a Christian with great dreams; and Llewellyn, a pagan content with his life, until circumstances force him to use the strength that he has long kept at bay.


Illustria is a woman who becomes a Roman Senator, and who holds a great number of secrets that can lay her forever in danger.
Sebastian is the Emperor Nero’s half brother who wishes to join the Roman Senate, but is instead, and unwillingly, groomed to lead the empire.
Together, they find friendship in a common goal, brothers in generals, enemies in senators — and love where there was once no hope.
In SENATOR, Inez Ponce de Leon tells another tale of triumph and sadness, as Rome tries to live through the decadence of the PALACE; as statesmen vie for leadership of the ETERNAL CITY; and as all hearts and souls bring life and darkness to the grand, glorious EMPIRE.