When You Want To Tag Everybody

When You Want To Tag Everybody

June 9, 2007 Diary 0

…But can’t find a nice tag, then you might as well just write something and get all your pent-up energy out. Like, right now.

*Yawn* I’ve been feeling weak these past few days, so I decided to just take it easy for the moment and stay home. The last time I over-exerted myself, I got sick and had a fever for days. So now, I have to stay home, go through medical records to look for immunization documents, and sneeze like crazy because I have enough dust to make a decent amount of pressed powder.

I also have a little book on my hands that’s proving to be very exciting to read. Well, “exciting” isn’t the word. “Enlightening,” maybe, and “interesting,” as it’s something nice to read at this time in my life. Oh, never mind. As we say in Filipino, “Basta.”

Now, for this entry.

I never knew “chicken neck and ice cream” was a dish back in the 70’s.

Ok, must shut up, as this comes from the little book I’m reading now. Oh, man, I laughed so hard when I read that entry!

Now, for the real diary entry for the day.


To tell the truth, I’m not really sure about what I want to write. I just feel so sleepy right now, and my eyes aren’t good. It isn’t even eyestrain: just a heavy feeling in my whole head, so that my eyes feel like they’re bulging. Anyway, let’s make the most of this rainy afternoon, set aside that little precious book, take time out from writing about Venice, and see what we can write about.

Ah, yes, NaNo 2007. I already have an idea brewing. We’re going to have a novel in November, and it’s going to be about a girl’s last letter from a guy that she scatters throughout the world so that she can read everyone else’s love stories. Yeah, I know, it’s not that clear, but I don’t want to explain it yet. It’s going to be called “Fragments of the Last Letter,” or something like that.

My goodness, that’s another long title! Kind of like Harry Potter and the Fragments of the Last Letter. Or, the Lord of the Rings: Fragments of the Last Letter. Heh. I know, it sounds really corny, but I’m up for another travelogue. This new novel will be a collection of love stories from all over the world, but it will have lots of common threads running through its (still incomplete) tapestry.

We shall call the girl Isabel (ahem) and she shall have fifteen stories soon. I think I have an idea for one of them…giggle, giggle…now where’s that precious little book I was reading…


Came across this in one of my students’ friends’ blog:

I wonder what Mr. Fantastic is like in bed? Is he like The Thing? Fiery like Johnny Storm? Or will he be invisible, like Sue?

Hahahahaha! Oh man, the elastic Mr. Fantastic! The muy guapo Ioan Gruffudd as Mr. Fantastic!

Oh no, now I’m starting to wonder, too.

Must stop imagining! Must stop imagining!


At last, a tag! I tag everybody! And I forgot who to thank, too. Woops. Can’t Google it either. Oh well…to the TAG!!!

The Random Contrasts Tag: Everyone has their favorites and dislikes, so list them all here. All you need is the best and the least of each category. When you’re done, tag as many people as you can.

Color? Best: anything that’s deep, dark, and velvety Worst: anything that’s too dull or too bright (as in neon, glow in the dark, please-pluck-my-eyes-out-now-and-bulldoze-them sort of bright)

Ice Cream Flavor? Best: To tell the truth? Vanilla or plain chocolate, because then I can add anything I want to it. Yeah, even chicken neck….hwahahahahaha! Ehem ehem… Worst: Halo-halo. I hate beans. Ew.

Fiction book? Best: Wow, this is hard! I’d say anything by Hardy or the Bronte sisters or Tolkien, but that would be cheating. Right now, it’s Shirley, by Charlotte Bronte. Worst: Oh man, I don’t know where to begin! I know a lot of people will skewer me for this one, but I’d say Henry James’ Portrait of a Lady.

Non-fiction Book? Best: I hardly read non-fiction, but right now, I’d say Leo J. Trese’s The Faith Explained. Worst: How do you classify non-fiction books as the worst? This is rather hard. Bad grammar? Inability to express oneself? Hmm…can’t really think of any right now.

Fast Food Item? Best: Salad! In McDonald’s Piazza di Spagna in Rome! The cashiers are really handsome, too. Hahahaha! Yeah! Now that’s what I call dinner AND a show! Worst: Right now, it’s that chicken burger in Jollibee. No taste at all! Somebody should do something about it.

Dress Shop? Best: I’m assuming this means boutique, so I’d say Max Studio, as the dresses are really pretty-even if they’re awfully expensive. On an international scale, H&M is pretty good! Worst: oh dear, I really don’t know. There are lots of stores selling overpriced products, so if a dress shop is the worst, I’d say it would be one selling overpriced clothes that don’t fit well. Greenbelt 3 has a few stores like this.

City? Best: Rome. Hands down. Rome. I could go there every year. Wait, I do go there every year…(well, not this year, and maybe not next year) Worst: Oh, I haven’t been in lots of places yet, so I can’t be a good judge of this. But from pictures and experiences of people who have been there, I’d say Mumbai, in India. I know, lots of people are going to kill me for this, but I really don’t like the way it seems so crowded and dirty.

Chocolate? Best: I am a dark chocolate slave, so Lindt is too sweet for me, and Milka is too milky. Meiji dark chocolate is pretty good – and cheap too! Mira, however, gave me this brand…the dark chocolate from Holland…oh man, name escapes me now… Worst: Goya is trying its hand at dark chocolate, and the bar tastes like paste. Really, it does. Ick.

Alcoholic Drink? Best: red wine. Hands down. Chilean Carmeniere is really good. Worst: I’ve tried gin. I don’t like gin. I might as well drink toothpaste.

Word? Best: Heaven Worst: Hell

Movie? Best: Braveheart Worst: There’s this really nasty film on HBO. I think it’s called Invaders? Man, really bad editing, really bad directing, and REALLY BAD ACTING!!! Who financed this movie anyway?

Song? Best: Too many to mention. Right now, I still like (Everything I do) I Do it for You by Bryan Adams (so sue me!) Worst: Boom-tarat-tarat. Please. Enough already. PLEASE!

Actor (male or female)? Best: Oh, this is a hard one! But I’d say Meryll Streep, who handles every character as though she were born to be the character. Worst: Sorry boys, but Jessica Alba. She’s pretty, she’s sexy, but she can’t act!

TV Show? Best: I still love The X-files. I miss The X-files! Worst: Oh man, there are lots of sickeningly corny gag shows out there, I really don’t have the time to list them down here. Well, I tried to watch an episode of Asian Treasures last night, and I changed the channel after less than thirty seconds. SUCKY!!!


There are about ten more questions in the tag, but my eyes are really conking out. Oh no…Must upload this before I keel over…